Reasons to Finance (Not Purchase) Equipment

We are continually told there are significant benefits to lease (finance) equipment purchases in a business. Let’s examine some of those benefits.

Economic stat’s tell us the equipment leasing and financing in Canada and the U.S. totals Billions of dollars. Historically almost 1/3 of all equipment has been financed, not purchased. We will look at some of the true benefits of leasing – every benefit many not necessarily accrue to every firm who finances, but many will, and the business owner or financial manager should understand how his firm can benefit from this financing strategy.

When we break down the benefits of leasing into a large number of single positive points we find that these benefits can be simply grouped into a number of key categories. They are as follows:

*Business in general find it easier to account for leases – payments are fixed

*Leases can be structured to have the business own or not own the equipment at the end of the term of the lease

* Many businesses are either incapable, or do not choose to address the technological aspects of the equipment they are financing – Leasing gives them maximum flexibility in that area. For example a company leasing technology generally wants to use the technology, which evolves. It does not wish to purchase or lock into ownership of technologies that are evolving. Think computers!!

* Lease financing has maximum cash management flexibility – payments can be tailored with longer amortizations, seasonality according to the customers business, fixed regular payments ( term loans tend to have variable, not fixed rates ) etc.

* Budgeting: More often than not this is usually the main reason most customers give for financing equipment – the financing provided during the leasing exercise allows the company to potentially acquire more equipment than it might have in a straight ‘ purchase’ scenario. In many cases little or nominal down payment is required. The vast majority of customers also pay the taxes on the equipment and maintenance via the fixed monthly lease payment. Companies that are either growing quickly, or in some cases are having some level of financial challenge will always tend to gravitate to the leasing solution.

Lease financing has always been perceived as a strong financial acquisition alternative. In the economy of 2009-2010 where ‘ cash is king ‘ alternative financial such as the lease option is a strong

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